It is human nature to explain things we cannot understand and to create imaginary macrocosms in order to help cope with the realities of this world. Inspired by African and Greek mythological creatures and narratives the human and animal collide with the spirit world. Ancestors ascend to mourn, mediate, and at times to wage war upon witnessing the onslaught of violence and brutality toward the black body by law enforcement, by African American males with genocidal notions toward themselves, and an ever growing prison population filled with their descendants. This work is a series which depicts tales driven by media and the artist’s imagination concerning social consciousness through abstraction of southern tradition and of photographic references. The work portrays the more sinister side of humanity, the use of wood panel, acrylic, flashe and oil paint, along with a monotone grey and black palette shows the issue as volatile and ignored by the rest of society. Glorification of drug culture, killing, hip hop music, and media outlets are some of the negated platforms of the process. Through a combination of consensual and forced realities, folklore, dream, and the afterlife this work explores the historical and contemporary social concerns of black culture to teach lessons about morality, society, identity, and human function.