Aqua Miami

Shanequa Gay’s “LIT WITHOUT SHERMAN” proves that love never fails community



 A community’s appearance can be rearranged, but its heartbeat — the character of those who live community – cannot. Artist Shanequa Gay’s murals speak to history and community in LIT WITHOUT SHERMAN: A Love Letter to the West End. The exhibition, which took Gay 21 days to complete, is a labor of love and a testament to Gay, whose work can be “public- and exchange-based, explore current social and ethical issues, and focus on the experiences of African-ascendant bodies and communities.” As a child, Atlanta artist Shanequa Gay spent time in West End at her grandmother’s Oak Street home. Her murals, including specially designed toile schema wallpaper (a simple, repeating decorating pattern), take up almost every inch of the museum’s wall space without compromising its Victorian style.